Thursday, January 31, 2013

2013 Challenge & Two Half Marathons

I have some exciting news to share! *drum roll* I am now officially signed up to do the 2013 Transformation Challenge! Woo hoo! The challenge is 84 Days from the day I signed up, so my unveiling will be April 25, 2013. Truthfully, I'm pretty nervous about this challenge because I have signed up for my fair share of them in the past, and haven't gotten anywhere. However, this time I have you guys to keep me accountable! Yay! Seriously though, that means nothing. I have had accountability partners in the past too. If I don't want this for myself, I'm not going to do it. Point blank period. My drive has to be greater than my temptations. Uh oh! Look at me sounding all deep!

 They are taking entries until midnight tonight so if you want to sign up, you should do it because they are giving everyone three (3) days from the time you register to get your pics in. For more info, just click on the link and they tell you everything. is an awesome website and they have a plethora of nutrition information, workout plans (including Jamie Eason's Free 12 Week Plan), supplements, and transformation stories. I love that site.

As if that isn't hardcore enough (yeah, I'm really feeling myself right now), I have also signed up for my first half marathon! On February 17 I will be in (mostly walking I'm sure) the Mercedes Half Marathon in Birmingham, Alabama. I'm SUPER excited about this because this is actually on my vision board this year! I was actually able to snag this entry form a friend who got it for FREE! I also have a free entry in the 1st Tuscaloosa Half Marathon on March 2nd. So yeah, My little legs are going to pretty busy for the next few months. I'm not new to the Mercedes; I actually ran on a relay team last year with the Black Girls Run group here in Birmingham. I ran the 5k leg and I vowed I would do the half this year. 

My 6 year old, is getting in on it too by doing the Kid's Marathon and he is super excited! They get little medals too! 

Well, I promise to keep you all updated on my progress with everything. Keep me in your prayers!  #31:17 Fit Journey


  1. Look at you!
    I am so excited for you and your journey and I'll be cheering you along the way. You got this girl!!!

    1. Thank you Kim!! That means so much coming from a half marathon queen! Lol! I can't wait to do this. Nervous, but still excited....